The Adoption fee is $100

-Rabies 1YR

-FIV/FeLV Test

For questions regarding adoptions

Please contact us at:

Below is the Application Form, if interested please complete and email it to us. 



Scuttle was found in Far Rockaway. He is approx. 2 years old, DSH, Neutered Male. Is a little nervous, but once he is familiar with you, he is very loving, he will roll on his side, purr, make muffins and rub his face on your hands, and if you stop he will gently grab your hand with his paw and pull you in for more pets. Seems unbothered by other cats, unsure how he is with dogs.

Neutered, Microchipped, Vaccinated for 1 year, FIV/FeLV -Negative.



Joots is a 6/7 year old DSH Neutered Male. He was an owner surrender. Best for a single cat only household. Treats will quickly win this guy over. Loves catnip. Has his moments of playfulness, does not like too much affection. Once re-homed, his true personality will flourish even more.

Neutered, Microchipped, Vaccinated for 1 year, Bloodwork is normal. FIV/FeLV -Negative.

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Tamagotchi is a 5 month old kitten that was

found around the corner from our office.

She is very playful, likes to rough play (we are trying to break her playful bite habits).

She likes to suckle and muffin her blanket.

She has Feline Herpes (this is a common viral infection in the cat community which usually goes undetected). All this means is if she becomes really stressed she may develop a cold. This will not affect the longevity/quality of her life. 

She is FIV/FeLV Negative.

Included in adoption fee:
-Vaccinated for 1 year (Rabies and FVRCP),
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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Eve is a 2yr old Female who was found outside our office with a bowl of food and water, curled up by the door. She had an injury to one of her paws. We cleaned, stitched it up and now it is completely healed. We've done some x-rays and it appears Eve may only have her right Kidney
She will hiss out of fear with new faces, but is such a sweetheart. These hisses may also be her attempt to meow. We are currently trying to put some weigh onto this girl.
She is Spayed, Microchipped, Vaccinated for 1 year (Rabies and FVRCP) and is FIV/FeLV Negative.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
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Simba 1.jpg
This orange plump is a 3-4 yr old DSH
FIV/FeLV Negative. Fully vaccinated and Neutered. Loves chin scratches ->
He was surrendered due to his previous owners developing allergies. 
This Simba needs his Kingdom. Everything his love touches is his. He purrs like a lion. Will require some weight loss.
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Simba 3.jpg