Welcome to Brooklyn's Finest Animal Clinic!
Wasabi and Toulouse.png

Everyone is greeted by our 2 resident cats, Toulouse and Wasabi.  This sister brother duo loves attention and tries to make every new face; human, dog or cat, their new bestie.

Please don't be alarmed if they run past you and go outside. These two are hip to the street and OUR RULES. They just stay in front of the clinic and will be crying to come back in before your appointment is over.


(Assistant Manager)

Raquel- vet assitant

Raquel is from Staten Island. No bridge or long commute can keep her from her passion.

She is committed to our adoption program. We have had shy skittish kittens turn into lap cats in a matter of days under her care. Only the best owners are able to gain her approval to take one of our furries home.

This woman has moves on and off the dance floor. In her spare time she dances and teaches salsa.


Canine Ambassador

Toulouse Bench.jpg

This little boy was left at another clinic, along with his sister, Wasabi. It was quickly noticed that this kitten was special. He is a polydactyly, meaning he has extra toes. He has quickly grown to be our mascot and star at the clinic. So many clients are pleasantly surprised when their dog starts playing with Toulouse! They record it to share with friends. 


Raquel's Deputy in Charge

Wasabi bench.jpg

 Meet Raquel's personal stalker. Anyone who steps foot in this clinic and takes attention away from her... prepare to get the eyes ->

She is sugar, spice and nothing else nice. 

This small package craves attention... of any kind.

She is starting to acknowledge dogs, but never as an equal.

Please check your carriers before leaving the clinic, because she will stealthily sneak in and try to claim it as her own.